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About Cindy Zollman

Polar bear photos are here. To view them check out the Polar Bears/Hudson Bay Gallery.


Cindy is a psychotherapist by training and continues to work in this field. She spends most vacations and many days off taking photographs of animals, flowers, desert plants and butterflies. Several years ago she was able to fulfill a dream to go on safari in East Africa. A selection of photographs from this trip are in the Tanzania gallery. She finds the solitary nature of photography to be meditative and rejuvenating. Please stop back often to see her most recent photos.


I have always enjoyed documenting life’s events with photos and still have many dingy photos from my first camera as a child and old Polaroids from my teen years. My infatuation with studying the vivid colors and amazing intricacies of nature blossomed when I began taking underwater photos. I was completely intrigued by this unique environment. When my last film camera flooded while diving, I reluctantly forced myself to switch to digital and the infatuation grew into a passion. Most of my work is on land now but I still find myself seeking the vivid colors, textures, and varieties in nature. I hope you enjoy viewing my photographs. "


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Photo: Nuru Benedict Sanga